Peers in Luxury, Partners in Sport: Lamborghini at the EEM Masters of Los Angeles


In a world characterized by luxury, live spectacle, and powerful competitors, the name synonymous with automotive perfection showcased its inimitable influence at one of the most prestigious stages in sport. The EEM Masters of Los Angeles, in concert with Automobili Lamborghini, raised the level of sporting excellence to a peerless degree at the first series of the season.

Established in 2014, the EEM Masters, the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping, has quickly evolved into the most important equestrian challenge in the world. This year alone, the Los Angeles competition hosted over 150 riders from 25 countries. And with over 4.5 million euros in total potential prize earnings, EEM now meets the rank of legendary events such as The Ryder Cup and America’s Cup.      

On the Masters’ meteoric success, Christophe Ameeuw, EEM Founder and CEO, observes, “There is something profoundly captivating in the competition, like a theatrical play that mesmerizes and transports you. This is doubtlessly what makes show jumping universal, transcending countries, cultures, and populations.”

With that in mind, forging a partnership between Automobili Lamborghini and the Masters of Los Angeles was the answer to an unquestionable camaraderie between peers of a certain echelon. Lamborghini, a brand transcendent of category and compare, found a fundamental likeness in the elite institution that is the EEM Masters.

The level of excellence in equestrian sport reflects the lifestyle inherent to Lamborghini ownership. Like each expression born from Sant’Agata, competition-level horses are not only beautiful and prestigious, but they are also powerful and thrilling. And those who own these formidable animals open the door to the level of refinement that goes hand-in-hand with the sport.

In celebration of this landmark event, Lamborghini erected three vehicle displays throughout the Masters’ grounds, igniting every eye of the 50,000 in attendance with desire.

As names like Bloomberg, Springsteen, and Rockefeller arrived on the celebrity-filled red carpet, a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, posed at the entrance, refused to be ignored. In the Prestige Village, the weekend’s center of activity for elite shopping, champagne tastings, and live music, the aggressive yet elegant Lamborghini Huracán Avio both intimidated and beguiled onlookers.

Lastly, as guests took to their seats at reserved tables and private suites, the Huracán Spyder, showcased at the VIP entrance, enchanted their every desire and only enhanced the refined atmosphere. These guests were then treated to the highest caliber of hospitality. VIPs enjoyed a three-course gastronomic menu, prepared by Michelin-star chef, Yves Mattagne. In addition, the menu was paired with fine wines and a Champagne aperitif, all served tableside for an indulgent evening overlooking the competition ring.

If lavish accommodations weren’t enough, select VIP guests were also granted a private drive experience with Lamborghini. On a curated route spanning the Long Beach coast, drivers examined the prowess of the playful yet formidable Huracán range – a thrilling experience to compliment the high-stakes action of the weekend’s competition.

Following four days of electrifying show jumping, fast-paced polo, visionary dressage performances, and meet-and-greet experiences with riders and their horses, the EEM Masters concluded with the final Grand Prix competitions.

Looking back on the weekend, Ameeuw marveled, “We are thrilled to say that [this] season of the Masters Series has succeeded in making a mark, not just in the equestrian community, but also in the world of sports.”

Lamborghini looks forward to a lasting partnership with the EEM Masters of Los Angeles, as both names continue to cast their peerless influence across the globe. To experience more lifestyle events of Lamborghini caliber, we invite you to visit or speak to your Authorized Lamborghini Dealer.  

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