China Giro: Stunning Beauty of the Orient


The Sant’Agata Bolognese based company held an exclusive and unforgettable driving tour again this year, China Giro, the ultimate service and lifestyle experience: a two-theme route named respectively “Journey in the Clouds” in Zhangjiajie and “A Trip of Nature’s Fireworks” in Beijing, travelling through some of China’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

The first climbing sky high peaks up the ninety-nine hairpin “Road to Heaven” in Southern Hunan Province. The second tracking an autumnal ribbon of asphalt through hills and past lakesides known as the “Nine Curves and Eighteen Turns” near the nation’s capital, Beijing.

With scenic views that could have come straight from classical landscape paintings, esteemed guests experienced the pleasure of a unique and incomparable driving tour defining Automobili Lamborghini’s extraordinary DNA: Visionary, Cutting Edge and Pure.

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